If you want to have a say in how your money is invested with some help then this could be the right option for you.

We have four growth strategies to match your appetite for risk that can adapt with your different life stages. 

They are made up of two parts:

  1. A strategy for the period of time where you want to grow your savings, and;
  2. An income alignment strategy that helps you line up your investments with how you wish to take an income in retirement

Part 1 – growing your savings

Download information about the four investment growth strategies here.

Part 2 – aligning your savings with taking an income

Download information about the seven income alignment strategies here

Make your choices and changes online. Simply log in, go to ‘Investments’ and click ‘amend investment strategy’. Alternatively, you can download a switching investment form or contact an administrator.

 Remember! There is always some risk and strategies do not guarantee a better return.  Click here for more information about risk

Important! We automatically alter your investments to reflect how far you are from retirement - your target retirement age. Therefore, it’s important to ensure this reflects your current plans and change it, if not. To change your target retirement age, simply log in and go to the Personal Details section.