If you are not sure what to do and how to invest your savings, that’s ok! We have you covered with this option.  Whether you purposely choose the Life Stage strategy or invest in it automatically, it is a well thought out strategy to suit the needs of the average member.

To maximise the opportunities for growth, this invests wholly in global stock markets, until you are within 27.5 years of your target retirement age. It then moves your savings gradually to a mix of 70% in global stock markets and 30% in gilts and bonds. This is to steady your investments by spreading them between different asset classes. Most people choose to take a quarter of their savings as a tax free cash sum when they retire and keep the rest of their savings invested. The strategy reflects this, by gradually moving a quarter of your savings into investments similar to cash.

The strategy invests in four different fund stages:

  • Global Equity
  • Adventurous Growth
  • Balanced Growth
  • Cash

You can see where each fund has involvement in the strategy, and in some cases there is overlap:

You can explore where the investments are invested, including by sector and country by looking at the Fund Fact Sheets here. Once you have clicked on the ‘Fact Sheets’ tab, you will see a list of funds including the four relevant to the Life Stage Strategy.

Even though you are less involved in this strategy, you are always involved in planning for your future! So check into your account online and ensure your choices still suit your circumstances. Making changes on your account is free and easy to do.

You can update your investments and your income alignment strategy anytime online. Simply log in, above, go to ‘Investments’ and click ‘amend investment strategy’.

Remember! There is always some risk and strategies do not guarantee a better return. Click here for more information about risk.

 Remember! There is always some risk and strategies do not guarantee a better return.  Click here for more information about risk

Important! We automatically alter your investments to reflect how far you are from retirement - your target retirement age. Therefore, it’s important to ensure this reflects your current plans and change it, if not. To change your target retirement age, simply log in and go to the Personal Details section.